Bicycle Accessories Manufacturer Introduces The Rules For Child

  • Children's sense of balance can exercise the sense of balance in childhood, but they lack tools and skills. Children's balance bike is a good choice, but parents lack the riding skills and precautions of children's balance bike. Next, Bicycle Accessories Manufacturer introduces the tips for children riding a balance bike:


    1. make a turn
      Turning is a technical point that many children are prone to accidents. When turning, hold the handlebars with both hands and perform turning exercises according to the set s-shaped route. When turning, adjust the left and right center of gravity of the body: turn left, left foot on the ground, left leg is the center of gravity, right Turn your right foot to the ground and your right leg is the center of gravity.


    1. Speed ​​up
      To experience the excitement of sliding, acceleration is essential. Learn skills: sliding your feet in the same direction or alternately to speed up the riding speed, and can rush over obstacles such as arch bridges and buffer belts.


    1. Slow down
      The child balance bike has no pedals and no brakes. How to retract your feet and slow down skills: When riding at a certain speed, raise your feet and place them on the foot rest of the U-shaped frame, and control the bike to bypass obstacles in free sliding Objects pass through S-curves or bumpy roads.