Colorful Bicycles Supplier Introduces The Maintenance Strategy


    The main maintenance content of quick release is lubrication. Adding enough grease to the cam of the block disassembly can reduce the abrasion of the cam, and adding a thin layer of grease on the thread of the block disassembly can prevent rust and thread seizure. In some quick releases, the part of the block that rubs against the cam is made of engineering plastics. This kind of quick release does not need to lubricate the friction surface between the cam and the block, but it is best to lubricate the cam shaft with lubricating oil. Colorful Bicycles Supplier introduces the maintenance method of quick release:

    1. Since the quick release can be operated without any tools, and it can attract the attention of others, after parking the car in a public place, be sure to check the quick release to prevent the quick release from being moved by someone and the wheels cannot be fixed reliably And seatpost.

    2. For bicycles with disc brakes, the quick release handle cannot be placed on the side with the disc brake to prevent the quick release handle from touching the disc.

    Through the above introduction, China Bicycle Accessories Manufacturer hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.