Prepare a kids balance bike for children


    Many parents now take their children out and prepare a bicycle for their children, but before the baby learns to ride a normal bicycle, it is best to let the baby use a balance training bike without pedals. This kind of bicycle specially designed to train the baby's sense of balance is usually called kids balance bike, which mainly relies on the baby's feet to move forward.

    Compared with ordinary bicycles with pedals, this kind of balance bike is safer. It is more suitable for the practice of 2 to 5 years old baby, because the baby just slides with the foot and the speed will not be too fast, and the risk is relatively low. Moreover, this kind of balance training bicycle can also lay a good foundation for the baby to ride a bicycle with pedals in the future. It will be easier for the baby to ride the bicycle after adapting to the bicycle.

    No matter which style of scooter parents choose for their baby, safety is the most important thing. In the beginning, it is best to let the baby ride on flat ground, not on high-slope roads. In addition, during the baby's use, parents should always pay attention to check the status of parts, such as handles, seats, tires, screws and other parts for looseness. If problems are found, they should be adjusted and replaced in time to avoid safety hazards.

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