Why do you want to buy an electric bicycle?


    Although we already own a car, we still feel inconvenient. Whether at work or in daily life, we are always troubled by the last mile.

    Electric bicycles are as big as traditional bicycles, including cost savings, improved health and connection with the community.

    Basically, from the current fuel cost point of view, the running cost of an electric bicycle is three times cheaper than a car. In addition to user operating expenses, they are also cheaper in terms of negative externalities, because they do not cause local pollution, which can cause health problems and damaged scenery.

    Because in recent years, cars have gradually become necessities of life, but parking pressure is high. Whether we go to the supermarket or go out to work, we often have to park our car far away. And this last mile is often annoying.

    The foldable electric bicycle solves this trouble well, you can put it in the trunk and take it out at any time. In addition, in many areas, this foldable electric bicycle can also be used on subways and buses and can be used as an ideal solution for the last mile of commuting.

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