Teach you how to choose a suitable kids bike


    Generally speaking, the size that fits your child depends on their age and height. Don’t buy an oversized bicycle for your child just because you think your child will grow up. It will slow down their learning speed and affect their confidence.

    A bicycle of the right size will make your child feel comfortable and easier to operate, so they can quickly master riding skills. Here are some suggestions that I hope will help you find the most suitable bicycle for your child.

    Adult bicycles are measured by the size of the frame, while children's bicycles are measured by the diameter of the wheels. The size ranges from 12 inches to 26 inches to fit from the youngest child to the tallest child.

    Your child's age and height will also help guide you in choosing the correct wheel size. Measure for your child, and then check the size guide of the bicycle manufacturer to find the right wheel size for your child.

    If you have knowledge of wheel size, you can also consider measuring your child's inseam length. Knowing this will really help you find a comfortable bike for them to stand and get on and off.

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