Hex Head Zinc Bolts Manufacturers Introduces How To Prevent Nut


    Hex Head Zinc Bolts Manufacturers Introduces How To Prevent Loosening Of Nuts And Bolts:

    1. In addition, there are the following problems when installing non-metallic insert lock nuts: ① The tightening torque should be increased appropriately; ② The bolt selection requirements are relatively strict, the length is appropriate, and there should be no cotter pin holes and burrs on the bolts (for bolts The machining accuracy requirements are relatively high).

    2. Bolts with holes, slotted nuts, and split pins are suitable for preventing the loosening of important parts of the connection in variable load and vibration occasions. The performance is reliable, but the design and assembly are inconvenient.

    3. Adopting adhesive to bond the screw thread, the method is simple, economical, and effective. Its anti-loose performance is directly related to the adhesive. According to the loosening torque and temperature conditions, as well as the requirements of removable or non-removable, the appropriate adhesive is selected.

    4. Thread locking glue can provide different loosening moments (loose breaking/dismounting moments), combined with customer requirements, to achieve a perfect relaxation effect.