Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Process Of Bolt Processin


    Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduce the problems needing attention in the processing technology of high strength bolts:

    It is forbidden to bring in acid and alkali substances, which will damage the film-forming function of the blackening agent. The application temperature should be kept between 40-50℃, and the blackening agent should be stirred

    frequently when not in use, so as to keep the blackening agent in good condition. Attention should be paid to the application of the post-cleaning solutions, and the use of inorganic salt cleaners should be avoided as far as possible.

    Because inorganic salt has the monotonous function of water film and then reduces, it will bring the salt in the cleaning solution into the blackening agent, and it will change from quantitative change to sudden change, which will

    eventually be damaged.

    After the blackening agent is used for a period of time, it is generally half a year, and the blackening agent must be exchanged in the whole tank. The quality problems in the blackening process of high-strength bolts can be dealt with

    by the following methods: 1. Blackening from the tempering furnace for the first time; 2. Adjust the concentration of the blackening agent; 3. Clean solution after replacement.

    Through the above introduction, Stud Bolt Supplier hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.


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