2h Heavy Hex Nuts Manufacturers Introduces The Precautions For


    2H Heavy Hex Nuts Manufacturers introduces 7 precautions for using pressure riveting nuts:

    1. When installing pressure riveting series such as steel or stainless steel pressure riveting nuts, we must ensure that the aluminum plate anode we want to install has undergone surface treatment or oxidation.

    2. In order to prevent the reduction of the fastening metal used to connect the pressure riveting fasteners and the board firmly, we should not remove the burrs of the stainless steel nuts and other fasteners when installing, because this is not conducive to the fastening operation .

    3. Do not install our pressure riveting fasteners at a place shorter than the shortest distance required by nuts, studs and other fasteners from the edge of the board.

    4. Before we install, we must find the most suitable installation force. If our installation force is too large, the heads of our nuts and other fasteners will be flattened, and even the threads will be damaged. Distortion and deformation.

    5. When we install pressure riveting nuts and other stainless steel pressure riveting fasteners, we must not use a hammer to install it, because it is impossible to make our fasteners and plates firmly connected.

    6. In order to make the force of fasteners such as stainless steel point to the plate, we have to install the screws from the opposite side of the head of the pressure riveting fastener.

    7. When we install fasteners on the board, we need to ensure that its surface does not need to be pre-coated.

    Through the above introduction, Heavy Hex Bolt Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.