More About The SmCo Magnetic Pole

  •   Many of our customers have asked us such a question: what is the strongest part of a SmCo Magnet? If you are looking for the answer to that question, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will try to provide you with a proper answer so that you can have a better understanding of magnets.

      In short, the strongest part of a magnet is called the magnetic pole. No matter how small a magnet is, it has two poles. If you rotate the magnet freely on a horizontal plane, when the magnet is stationary, one pole always points to the south, and the other pole points to the north. The one pointing to the south is called the South Pole (S pole), and the one pointing to the north is called the North Pole (N pole).

      More about the Magnetic Pole

      The Earth is a huge magnet, and it also has two poles. The positions of these two magnetic poles are very close to the south and north poles of the earth. People call the magnetic pole near the north pole of the earth the geomagnetic south pole and the other magnetic pole the geomagnetic north pole.

      The consequences of the earth’s magnetic pole reversal are quite serious and will affect the entire natural world. Experts pointed out that the biggest disaster brought about by the magnetic pole reversal is the intense solar radiation.

      Usually, these cosmic rays are swallowed by the earth’s magnetic field in space. However, once the earth’s magnetic field disappears during the reversal of the earth’s poles, these solar particle storms will slam the earth’s atmosphere and have a fatal impact on the earth’s climate and the destiny of mankind. If this day does come, some low-orbit artificial satellites will also be completely exposed to the wind of the solar electromagnetic storm and will be completely destroyed soon.

      These changes will bring great danger to satellites and other spacecraft, because the earth’s magnetic field protects satellites and other spacecraft from high-energy radiation from outer space, just like putting a layer of radiation protection on satellites and other spacecraft. If the earth’s magnetic field changes, thousands of satellites and other spacecraft orbiting the earth will lose the protection of the earth’s magnetic field, and they will be exposed to high-energy radiation from outer space without protection.

      In addition, many creatures that rely on the earth’s magnetic field to navigate, such as swallows, antelopes, whales, pigeons, and magnetotactic bacteria, will lose their way.


      Now, you may know what is the strongest part of a magnet.

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