New World: What are the S-tier PvE and PvP weapons

  • In New World, weapon selection is critical to the game's successful leveling process. Because New World's progression system is tied to the use of weapons, players will become more proficient as they continue to use weapons. A large number of weapons in the game can be divided into tier lists according to their New World Coins performance, and S-tier weapons provide the highest efficiency in combat. New World's weapons can be divided into two proficiency levels, PvP and PvE.

    Enemy encounters differ depending on whether the player is fighting NPC enemies in PvE or other player characters in PvP. Regardless of which faction the player joins, the best weapons to use in the game remain the same. Using an S or A rank weapon is the best option for players to duel on the island of Aeternum. It's important to note that player preferences come into play when choosing a weapon.

    Some players may use S-rank weapons without success, but use B-rank weapons to destroy the battlefield. While player preference matters in New World, certain weapons are often considered the best and most reliable on the island. Weapon attributes can be measured as a comparison between control and damage output. The best weapons with higher damage have less mobility, while New World Gold weapons with lower damage have more mobility.

    S-rank PvE weapons can support the player and deal a lot of damage. The Void Gauntlet allows players to switch between DPS and healers, making it the most versatile weapon on this list. The Great Axe provides sustainable AoE damage and a chance to equip the Vampire perk. Hatchet has fast damage output and a perk called Berserk that provides healing, damage and movement speed buffs.

    New World's S-tier PvP weapons are suitable for tank, healer, and ranged DPS characters. The Sword and Shield is objectively the best tank weapon in the game because of its shield. Void Gauntlet allows players to switch between DPS and healing, which makes it especially useful in single-player. Also, it is necessary to buy a lot of New World Coins from NewWorldCoins if the player wants to perform better.