WOW TBC Classic: The Best Guide to Upgrading Mining Tiers

  • In WOW TBC Classic, Mining is a great way for players to generate gold as they level up. Players can greatly reduce the costs associated with these professions by pairing it with smithing or engineering. Since the starting area is divided by faction, if the player is playing in an alliance, the player cannot go to the same place as the clan. So, if the player wants to stay safe, be sure to stick to the starting area.

    Just like Alliance, Horde players will want to stick to their starting area when the upgrade process begins. This means that the player should continue to stick to the edges of the map and try to loop around whatever area the player chooses. Once the player has completed the initial level, it is time to enter the contested area. As always, the big part here is identifying a TBC Classic Gold path and sticking to it until the player is ready to move on.

    Players can start in Hillsbrad Foothills or The Barrens, both of which have plenty of tin nodes. Once the player begins to approach 125, the player begins to enter the northwest part of Redridge Mountains or Duskwood. While players can stay in Hillsbrad and head to the Yeti region to the north, we recommend that players travel to Alterac Mountains, Arathi Highlands, or the Badlands to obtain Iron Nodes.

    The west side of the Badlands is a good place to start collecting mithril deposits. Players will find a large number of Fel Iron nodes in Hellfire Peninsula. Just go around the edge of the area near the rock section and you're done in no time. Players can use Zangarmarsh or Terokkar Forest to do this. Personally, I prefer Terokkar because the area around Auchindoun is easy to Buy WOW TBC Gold reach and has a lot of nodes.

    Players won't mine any new ores and get Kryptonite ore until reaching 375, but players can switch to Nagrand when they reach 350. It's easier to traverse and is filled with tons of nodes for players to mine. By the way, MMOWTS has become the first choice for the vast majority of players, where you can buy more TBC Classic Gold for less!