New World: What enemies will players encounter in the game

  • In New World, once players reach level 10, they will have the option to join the three factions of militaristic predators, secret syndicates or fanatical covenants. After the player joins the faction, the player can become a member of the company and participate in wars and activities. It is worth noting that once a faction is selected, the player cannot make changes.

    Throughout the New World, players will encounter four non-playable enemies. Greatly inspired by wild animals, but due to extensive exposure to Azoth energy, Angry Earth has become enhanced and changed. These creatures are ready to Buy New World Coins fight the invading corruption and adventurers. The art team focused on how Azoth changed the original form of the creature throughout the design process, ensuring that the elements of its true form were retained.

    Ancients left skeleton warriors equipped with ancient armors and weapons, guarding many of their ruins and temples. To design these ancient creatures, the art team drew inspiration from some of the oldest cultures on the planet, including ancient Maya, Aztec and Egypt and their rich handicrafts.

    Corrupted is an ancient and unknown servant of a destructive force, immortalized by an evil force that has mutated and distorted their appearance. Corruption itself is a tar-like substance that is pulled upward by gravity to produce dripping water flowing upwards. With this in mind, the New World Coins art team designed some of the scariest creatures for this faction.

    Lost are undead creatures without souls, these creatures are stuck somewhere between life and death in the endless pain and torment. For this faction, the main goal of the art team is to describe how they died. In addition, more and more players choose to buy New World Coins at NewWorldCoins. If you have the same needs, you can choose NewWorldCoins!