Rocket League Update 1 Eleven is prepared to go

  • Rocket League Update 1.Eleven is prepared to go and will be rolling out today at 5pm Eastern Time. In order to get the replace out to all and sundry, the Rocket League servers might be Rocket League Items taking place for an undetermined amount of time. During the protection outage, the sport could be prepped for the new replace, which starts offevolved Season 2 of the game.

    Rocket League Season 2 will see the resetting of ranks, the issuing of rewards based to your placement in the first season, and a group of massive modifications to the sport, such as the entire rank system being updated. Players will not have their rating go up or down off a single sport, rather the usage of a complex components to determine if they're gambling nicely sufficient to be bumped up to the subsequent tier.

    Those with high standings within the ranked playlists will obtain crowns dictated via their highest rank degree. Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze crowns can be given out to players based totally on anything tier they’ve reached within the first season.