WoW Classic could not have predicted how incredibly

  • WoW Classic could not have predicted how incredibly efficient at organizing people online had become since WoW released back in 2004. Far from posing insurmountable challenges, WoW Classic's raids were beaten surprisingly quickly, and soon once intimidating encounters became the subject of speed-runs by guilds used to organizing for far more mechanically complicated fights. The guild Dreamstate was able to WOW Classic Items clear Molten Core, an infamously hard Vanilla raid, in under 23 minutes flat in WoW Classic.

    Onyxia's Lair was one of the hardest raids during WoW's original launch, and was considered almost impossible to beat without a dwarf priest and their Fear Ward buff in the party. Nonetheless, the black dragon was no match for modern raiding strategies and communication, and one guild even managed to defeat Onyxia while naked.

    The difference in raiding will likely have struck many players as a surprise. Vanilla raiding was considered some of the hardest in gaming, and it was seen as common knowledge that WoW's raids had got easier and easier over the subsequent expansions, especially in WotLK. While this is still likely the case, WoW Classic also helped vindicate Blizzard to some degree, showing that the developer was in a tough spot as players themselves got wiser to the sorts of strategies they could use to defeat some of the hardest bosses in the game.