To absolutely everyone who performs WoW Classic

  • The information that Naxx is coming isn't always new to absolutely everyone who performs WoW Classic, however a begin date earlier than the brand new yr is large information certainly for players still running their way through Ahn-Qiraj.

    Dexerto genuinely mentioned on Cheap WOW Classic Gold a leak that claimed Phase 6 was coming our way in “early December,” and now that Blizzard has showed the patch will drop on Dec. 1, it looks like that changed into spot on.

    While the Phase 6 patch will drop on Dec. 1, the citadel of Naxxramas won’t be open for raiding till Dec. 3 following the “Scourge Invasion” international event, so as to see various undead mobs invading high-level zones like Searing Gorge and Eastern Plaguelands.

    “The Naxxramaas raid and Scourge Invasion content material will free up on the same time for all realms within the international on December three,” devs wrote on the legitimate Blizzard boards. “With the content material release, players can emerge as attuned to WOW Classic Gold Naxxramas by means of fulfilling Archmage Angela Dosantos’s requirements in Light’s Hope Chapel.”