This is what FIFA 21 expects on Stadia

  • FIFA 21 may be the overwhelming admission ticket in the long-term game of the series, but for us who use Stadia, it couldn’t be better-this is the first in the EA Sport football (okay, football) series to be selected for this The series of games Google’s game streaming service follows Madden NFL 21. Following its first announcement in early February, FIFA 21 was finally sold on Stadia for $24.59 (£25.19).

    I was fortunate to experience FIFA 21 firsthand on Stadia, but I found that it feels the same as on other platforms, although if you are used to using Madden 21 Coins, they look better than most other games available in Google Game Stream More aggressive. On other platforms and clearly displaying the scoreboard font, blurry graphics can be frustrating because the blurry graphics will make the camera move faster and play faster. Football and sports are generally acceptable only in terms of image compression, because you may know that you are watching a game on the Internet, not a wired game. For me, these problems have never been so serious that they do not interfere with the game. Compared with any other problem, this is a beautiful problem.

    But, as usual, Stadia stands out in making the game easy to access and mobile. This is the first time I have been able to play FIFA on a laptop, and I also tried to play FIFA on a mobile phone, even though the screen is small. But I don't recommend you to use it in various meetings. Stadia's compatibility with other controllers is also a welcome addition. I was able to connect Stadia and PlayStation 4 controllers to my laptop for local multiplayer sessions, and could dynamically adjust the buttons on the screen to suit each controller as needed.

    Ironically, I am worried that your FIFA online game experience on Stadia will not be very good. Since EA Sports has not added cross-platform multiplayer support for Madden, it is unlikely that we will see similar content in FIFA. It can’t be as successful as Google hopes, so if you want to play games online, you may not be in a ghost town-if you want to take advantage of player features, this is a problem that Madden players have already encountered. Encourage anyone who can afford to Buy Madden 21 Coins and pay their respective online game fees.