The SWTOR story takes place on the timeline

  • "Story of SWTOR" is a rich event program that tells a large number of events for nearly a decade during the game development process. It is based on other games, comics and video games in thousands of years of ancient history. Recently, creative director Charles Boyd (Charles Boyd) stepped in to clarify the exact timeline of the game and confirm in which year all major events and updates occurred. In multiple forum posts, he described when each major event in the game happened based on the classic timeline of "Star Wars Legend" and the movie!

    The MMORPG Star Wars Old Republic follows the schedule of "Star Wars Extended Universe" and continues to build on events described and detailed by various projects and SWTOR Credits in the years before Disney took over the franchise.

    Today, we have Disney’s new official products "Star Wars Canon" and "Star Wars Legends", which combine the first trilogy of the movie and everything except the "Clone Wars" animation series. SWTOR started in 2011, but before that, the game had been developed for more than five years. Until then, Disney hadn't scanned all the content created and edited by thousands of authors over the past three decades.

    SWTOR follows the "Star Wars Legend" and is built on this platform. It references events thousands of years before the game itself’s timeline, which started around 3640 BBY (before the Battle of Yavin). SWTOR Gold has a very closely watched SWTOR event schedule. This article lists all the major events until the most recent update and points out the year of the event as accurately as possible.

    The release details of the main story content are almost the exact events that BioWare said a few years ago and are related to this timeline, but the KOTET  event and all events have occurred, after this expansion, they were released simultaneously in real life Up. This means that we are about a year away from KOTFE and KOTET (Knight of the Eternal Throne Update 5.0).