After "NFL 21" is released, "Crazy NFL 22" needs to be handled

  • Madden NFL 22 may become a way for EA to reset its franchise, but developers still need to improve some things.

    Although not 100% certain, it is almost certain that Madden NFL 22 will come out soon. Rumors about who will be the cover character and what will appear in the game have begun, which is not necessarily a good thing for the electronic arts community. After all, it’s no secret that fans’ recent backlash against Madden NFL 21; even the company itself admits that people are dissatisfied with the final product launch. If EA hopes to avoid a similar rally this year, it will need to make tangible improvements in several different areas.

    As long as the Madden NFL is a bit old now, it is not surprising that such a franchise exists. However, there are other sports games that have been released for a long time, and when new releases were released, they did not get the same response. Fans need something that excites them, and real Madden 21 Coins can do the job.

    When the "Faces of Franchise" model first appeared in "Maddy American Football 20", it was actually a rather creative addition. Similar to the NBA 2K franchise provided for a period of time, this model enables players to "live out" a budding prospect into the life of an NFL star. Yes, you can play actual games or at least part of certain games, but the focus is more on movies. Having said that, the second mode loses a lot of luster. The story is not so good, and the novelty quickly disappears.

    Considering that EA will try to adjust this mode, it is better to get rid of it completely. However, even better, fans will make everything easier by Cheap Madden 21 Coins. If Electronic Arts returns for the third consecutive year, some improvements are needed, especially in writing. One of the biggest complaints of the Madden 21 version is that the story behind it seems impossible and is what forces players to take root in the protagonist.