The path of exile has left Harvest in a mess

  • Last year, one of the quarterly "Path of Exile" leagues was named "Harvest", which allows players to plant seed gardens to create monsters and ultimately use "decisive handicrafts" on items. This means that if a player’s sweet loot misses special statistics (for example, extra health), they can start working towards achieving this goal. Most players are not staunch supporters of Alliance Gardening, but almost everyone likes to use certain Mods to improve the skills of their equipment.

    Just like before, this mechanism has entered the core game. Ritual, the current league, allows players to travel through the harvest area while playing the endgame and obtain a small amount of randomly selected POE Currency for equipment use. Not everyone is crazy about how it is implemented, but in general, many people are happy to reuse "harvest handicrafts" with a certain ability because it can bring huge build diversity and powerful equipment.

    "Getting Started": If you don't know how to exile, you need to quickly understand the following: the game sets the currency to "spherical", and you can change existing items by POE Chaos Orb. The economic activities in the game can also effectively use these items, especially Chaos Ball and Worship Ball, in exchange for necessary items. The in-game function of Chaos Ball is to randomly re-spin rare items using a new MOD. The in-game function of Worship Ball is to add a new random mode. However, most people still use it as a currency for transactions.

    A few days ago, when I logged in to the Steam group chat with my friends, I was immediately asked if I “see the changes in harvest”. I only know that GGG is adjusting it. After reading these changes carefully, I think these changes are quite reasonable and easy to manage, even for those who love Harvest.