A few things you need to know about the path of exile

  • Like "Diablo" games or other ARPGs, "Path of Exile" provides a "hardcore" mode where the character's death is permanent. This sounds like an attractive way to play, especially the hardcore mode from Diablo III, but if the player is new to the path of exile, avoid it like a plague.

    Unless players are naturally good at quickly processing new graphics, text, and other mechanics, they cannot avoid heartbreaking deaths caused by the sudden cold explosion of monsters used to reflect damage. Wait until the standard mode is completed, and then decide to become a full-time masochist in the "hard core" mode of "Path of Exile".

    Of course, it is also a game based on POE Currency, but the items in "Path of Exile" are not just eye-catching. Their item descriptions have their own dictionary, where the difference between "more" and "increase" may be the life or death of the character.

    Therefore, please do not describe products in terms of face value. Players usually have to look up some product description text in the game's Wiki to see the actual mathematical calculations so that they can compare which products are better and why one product is more expensive than others.

    It may start with Diablo as the main inspiration, but the path of exile has surpassed it. It is a reliable game in itself, a far cry from the relatively simple mechanics of Diablo II (the most complicated Diablo game to date).

    Therefore, don't expect the character structure to be as clear as "Diablo II" or even "Diablo III". Just because the player wants the barbarian type with an axe doesn't mean it is feasible in the later game, Buy POE Currency is the best way. If so, please don’t use the Diablo game as an indicator of expectations for the first Path of Exile.