SWTOR October in-game event schedule

  • This October, the official news of the SWTOR game event came a bit late. There is no information on the cause of the delay, but I think it may be related to the October 20th release date of Game Update 6.1.4. Let's take a look at what you and I can farm in October, as well as the prizes and https://www.iggm.com/swtor-credits that this month's special rotation event brings us.

    Gree will visit the landscape of Ilum again so that you can enjoy more reputation. The Gree event is currently one of the oldest events in the monthly and monthly carousel. Starting today (October 6) and ending a week later (October 13), you can explore the disputed area of ??Ilum on the Western Ice Shelf, which was once known as SWTOR's Open World PvP map.

    As usual, the Gree Relics event  will be accompanied by a special conquest event, giving you unique goals related to Ilum and the new missions opened here this week. Explore the controversial area of ??Ilum on the western ice shelf to discover the mysterious purpose of Gray Secant, a huge ancient Gree starship. Prepare to face a mighty opponent waiting for you in the center of this ancient ship. Visit the in-game news terminal of Vaiken Spacedock in the Republic Fleet Carrick Station or the Empire Fleet to start your adventure!

    "Holiday" will be released on October 20th, with Game Update 6.1.4. Brand new seasonal events. It will last until November 10. Just like Nar Shaddaa's nightlife, the feast is only held once a year. It is actually a combination of nightlife and regular weekly activities.

    The https://www.iggm.com/swtor-credits was carried out on the fleet outside the bazaar. Talk to the NPC there, of course, the latter will take you to Nar Shaddaa... These two big shacks will have to convince you that they are carrying out this feast with the purest intentions.