Sherwood Forest to upgrade 5G and robot dog


    robot dog Internet controlled drones And the 5G upgrade is one of the slot technologies currently being tested to enhance the visitor experience at Sherwood Forest.Nottinghamshire County Council said the work would make it the world's first 5G-connected forestry.Authorities hope to be able to use a stronger signal to give visitors a virtual reality headset to watch an immersive Robin Hood-themed movie.

    Drones and robots can be used to assist in environmental research.The £10m ruling, which covers areas surrounding the forest including Rufford Abbey, was partially funded by the government's Rural Connected program.Hopefully 5G technology can help local businesses.Birmingham City University has provided a robot dog to the site.

    This will collect data and upload it over a 5G connection.

    if successful The dogs collect information from areas normally inaccessible to help monitor and assess the health and condition of the wild environment.Associate Professor Taufiq Asyhari said: “With the robot dog We can attach cameras to them. And it can save data.

    The forest will also feature what is claimed to be the world's first interactive holographic film An Arrow In Time.The film uses an augmented reality headset. Featuring famous characters from the legend of Robin Hood Nottinghamshire Councilor Keith Girling said the 25-month project had the potential to attract "millions" of tourism trade.