When does NBA 2K22 Season 2 end?

  • Before the first launch of NBA 2K22, 2K Games stated that NBA 2K22 will continue to receive updates and seasonal content every one to two months to keep the game fresh. And players only need to play MyCareer, MyTeam or The W Online to get NBA 2K22 MT and other rewards for free.

    After the official broadcast on October 22, NBA 2K22 Season 2: Building Your Empire is scheduled to end on December 3, 2021. All Season 2 prizes will no longer be unlockable and redeemable, because each player’s XP progress will be reset, so the race to the second level 40 finish line will only start from here. Speaking of resets, XP will not be transferred between seasons and will be lost at the beginning of Season 3. Therefore, players should consume the remaining NBA 2K22 MT and XP as soon as possible before the end of Season 2.

    Although it is not clear what will be released in the Season 3 update later this month, it is expected that the new content will be like the current content, including new 40-level rewards, name banners, transportation methods, cards, packaging, and more. Players can prepare for Season 3 in advance, such as paying more attention to relevant news and Buy 2K22 MT.

    The end of NBA 2K22 Season 2 also heralded the beginning of Season 3. So players have to enter the next step before regretting. Although the overall mode of the game will not have any major changes, players are also looking forward to Season 3 will bring some surprises. Players want not only new player cards and other items but also new game content. This will also increase the freshness of players and the desire to buy NBA 2K22 MT.