Serviced Offices in Dubai - Creating Great First Impressions

  • As businesses all around Dubai are always looking for investors, the competition is really steep. That is why it is necessary to create a good impression when any investor takes an interest in your business. Unfortunately, any potential investors will not be impressed when you invite them to your garage. This is where serviced offices in Dubai come to the rescue.

    Service office in Dubai is provided by business centers that are located in reputable commercial districts. When you rent one of these serviced offices, you get a business address in a prestigious location which automatically creates a good first impression. When you invite any potential investors to this address, they are more likely to show up.

    These offices come fully furnished and ready to go from the start. Depending on the business center you are renting from, you will get a well decorated and aesthetic office space. The professional work environment also creates a lasting impression on your business associates. The interior decoration combined with the prestigious business address creates great first impressions.

    Features of Serviced Office in Dubai

    Here are some of the features provided by all the serviced offices in Dubai:

    • Fully Furnished

    The biggest attraction of serviced offices is that they are hassle-free. They come fully furnished so you do not need to buy your own. Another benefit is that you do not need to spend time planning and setting up the furniture. When moving offices, you do not need to hire movers.

    • Office Equipment

    Serviced offices come with printers, scanners, fax machines, etc. That means when you rent a serviced office in Dubai, you do not need to go shopping for office equipment. The maintenance of this office equipment is done by the business center employees.

    • Business Grade Facilities

    Since serviced offices are built with the intent of renting them to businesses. They are made to accommodate and facilitate businesses. For example, the printers will be of business grade which you can use to print a large number of documents quickly and efficiently.

    • Meeting Rooms

    Serviced offices in Dubai come with meeting and conference rooms. The business center you will rent from will provide these meeting rooms. They will also provide space if you plan to host workshops and seminars.

    • Fast Connectivity

    The connectivity will depend on the business center you are renting from. However, the best business centers always have the best internet connection that is currently available. You can also request the connection of your choice in most serviced offices.

    • In-house Technicians

    Business centers provide in-house technicians and troubleshooters. So, if any of your hardware malfunctions, you will have an IT expert on standby to help you out. Business centers also replace any faulty equipment office equipment that you might have in the serviced office spaces.

    • Secure Premises

    The best business centers have state-of-the-art security systems in place. The whole premises has CCTV coverage, and the footage is saved in the cloud. So, you can access the videos from external devices wherever you want. 

    • Cafeteria and Kitchen Area

    Serviced offices come with various benefits like cafeterias and kitchen areas. These areas can be dedicated or common where you share them with other tenants. It depends on your budget and from which business center you are renting the space.


    • Leisure activities


    Since serviced offices are rented by business centers, you can get various perks like gyms, game rooms, consoles, etc. As business centers are in competition with one another, they have these extra features to make themselves more attractive to clients and customers.


    • Experienced Receptionists


    Last but not the least, you will get your very own experienced front desk receptionist. They will receive your calls, accept any packages, direct your guests, etc. Since all the administrative staff will be under the payroll of the business center, this is not an extra expense for you.

    Advantages of the Best Serviced Offices in Dubai

    Here are the advantages you can expect from the best serviced offices in Dubai:


    • Prime Location


    The best serviced offices in Dubai are rented out by the best business centers in Dubai. These business centers are located in the prime spots of the city. A business address in these locations is perceived with utmost respect and prestige.


    • Excellent First Impression


    The best serviced offices will bolster the brand value and image of your business. Whenever a client, potential investor, or business associate visits your office premises, they will have a lasting first impression. They will perceive your business as professional and will treat you will respect.


    • Networking Opportunities


    Since the best business centers also rent office space to some of the most reputable businesses in Dubai, serviced offices in these business centers provide a lot of networking opportunities you will not get elsewhere.


    • Flexible Contracts


    Serviced offices have flexible contracts so that you will not be stuck with risky long-term contracts. With flexible contracts, if your plans change suddenly, you get more breathing space to act accordingly.


    • State-of-the-art Tech


    The best business centers always have the best technology that is currently in the market. So if you are renting serviced offices in Dubai from one of these business centers, then you will have your hands on these state-of-the-art technologies.


    • 24/7 Support


    The best business centers provide backup support whenever you need it. They usually stay open 24/7, so if you urgently grab something in the middle of the night from the office, you can do so without having to wait till the morning.


    • Affordability


    Serviced offices are more affordable than permanent offices with expensive leases. You can rent and start working from these offices easily without worrying about having to buy furniture and office equipment.


    • Pay-as-you-go Features


    You will only need to pay for these features if you use them. For example, you do not need to pay for the game room if you barely use it.

    If you are looking for the best serviced office space in Dubai, then look no further, you are in the right place. We are located in the heart of a buzzing commercial district in Dubai. Our strategic location will help create great first impressions for your business.