Briefly Analyze the Concept of Low-carbon Clothing

  • RPET Fabric, also known as Coke bottle environmental protection cloth, is a new type of green environmental protection fabric woven from recycled PET bottle yarns. The low-carbon source of its source creates a new concept in the field of recycling.

    Low-carbon clothing is a broad concept of clothing environmental protection, which refers to the method of lowering the total carbon emissions in the process of consuming all clothing, including the selection of clothing with low total carbon emissions and the selection of clothing made of recyclable materials. And methods to increase the utilization rate of clothing and reduce the total amount of clothing consumption.

    According to relevant data, a pure cotton T-shirt emits about 28 times its weight in carbon dioxide during its service life. And clothes made of chemical fiber fabrics have higher carbon emissions.

    As society's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, environmentally-friendly fabrics in clothing materials are increasingly favored by consumers, and China's environmentally-friendly fabric industry has gradually developed.

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  • daniel lee
    daniel lee Sounds very innovative, I never heard about low carbon clothes before, this must be a really ecological concept. As a rule I buy clothing goods from Saks Fifth Avenue, the quality is just perfect + these guys always suggest big discounts (you will find...  more
    Aug 7