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  • How to Get Verified in Djobzy

    Though it is not super important to get verified right off the bat, it is helpful to be verified as it creates more credibility for the employer. Djobzy has a 7-level verification system. In this article, we will see how we can get verified, step by step. Let’s dive in. For your information, v...
  • Los Angeles Cleaning Service Jobs

    los angeles cleaning service are what every office or even house requires. A variety of services from housekeeping, Office Cleaner and even Pest Control Technician are included in this category. Also, we offer sanitation workers.
  • Find the Best Employee at Djobzy

    Djobzy stimulates human values by showing up and offering a helping hand to one another and overcoming daily tasks that others may need to help them with one stride at a time without any long term commitment, Djobzy brings the best of us out.
  • How to Post a Job on Djobzy

    How to Post a Job on Djobzy You’ve created a Djobzy account, and now you are ready to get to work. In this article, we’ll go through the seven steps needed to post a job on Djobzy.  Title and Description Categories Details of Contract Attachments Duration of Contract Budg...