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  • How to find and processes your iron ore in New World? The new online role-playing game has a comprehensive crafting system that can challenge beginners at the first moment. Especially iron ore is one of the important raw materials at the beginning of the heroic career, as it is needed for many better weapons and other equipment in the area of ​​steps 5 to 20. At this point we reveal you where you find the ore and how you process it.

    The iron ore can remove on appropriate veins, which can detect in many places with the classification highland in the game world of New World (Buy Now 39.99 €). Opens the card with M and click on places with raw materials . Then you see the color classification of the map and finds such iron ore areas. Stage 25 shows Ironerz on the map. Basically, your iron ore will find in the areas of the highlands . Source: PC Games The mineralization does not play a major role here, since you can already reduce the ore with a value of 0. As soon as you reach the level 25, you will receive an indication of the nearby wires on the compass. To be able to knock out the ore, you need a pickaxe that must equip you before. The veins are available in three different sizes, up to 50 ore deck can win from one occurrence.

    Eisenerz melt

    With the ore in itself, however, not too much can start. In order to process it in weapons or other equipment, you have to melt it in iron bars. For such a bar, you need four ore decks each. The actual melting process leads to her on a smelting furnace, which she actually finds in each settlement. Incidentally, raw materials for processing do not necessarily have to be in the inventory. It is enough if you are in stock in the local camp.

    Also helpful is an interactive raw material card for New World.

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    We tell you how you find in New World Ironerz and melts to iron barrels. (2) [Source: Buffed]

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