Optimize Conversion Rate with These Easy & Effective Tricks

  • How would you measure the success of your online business? With the number of visitors? Let’s suppose, 20 visitors reach your website, but they don’t purchase or proceed with anything on your site. They’ve registered zero percent engagement with your store.

    This isn’t something you look out for.

    You want them to meet the goal – it should be to sign up, download files, fill up forms, click on buttons, navigate through the site, or purchase something.

    If visitors get bounced from your site, you need the Best SEO Agency in India to fill the gaps.  

    As per a seo company, if traffic doesn’t get converted into something beneficial to the firm, there is no point in how many people reach your site.

    Conversion rate

    Figuring out the conversion rate for a specific company is different as every industry is different and it has different requirements.

    The conversion rate of any website can be calculated by the percentage of visitors who have completed the desired goal of sign up, register, download, or do any such activity that brings out benefits for the store.

    Conversion rate = Users perform conversion event / Total number of audiences

    For example, if 1,000 visitors visit your website every day and 500 of them sign up on your store or register for a subscription, then the conversion rate is,

    500 / 1,000 = 0.05, which means 5%.

    Based on the conversion rate, online store owners try to increase the conversion rate with a few optimization tricks.


    Here are a few remarkable tricks to increase conversion rates,

    1.   Page loading

    No one wants to wait until the website loads completely. Visitors barely wait for more than 3 to 5 seconds to load the website. We all want a website to load quickly, so we switch to the next site. The faster your website loads, the better it can be for your growth. It has been discovered that websites that load in 1-second increase 27% of conversion rate.  

    1.   Mobile optimization

    The evolution of smartphones has changed the way people used to operate the web. Now, they started surfing, searching, and exploring the web world through mobile phones rather than sticking with the laptop or desktop. This is the reason, it is important to optimize your website for various devices and for different versions.

    1.   Engaging headlines

    The first thing that anyone would notice on your website is headings. If your titles, headings, and subheadings are not captivating, people will move to the next website.

    1.   Quality content

    If the content is not relevant or of poor quality, it will give a negative impression to visitors. If they don’t get satisfactory information or the content is aimless, they don’t feel the need to continue.

    1.   Easy navigation

    If visitors get stuck between where to click and what to do next, they prefer to quit the exploration. Hence, it is necessary to navigate the store properly so that they can explore the site without hassle.

    If you constantly get a low conversion rate, it indicates the need for the Best SEO Agency in India to improve website performance and obtain enough conversion rate.

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