Tumultuous Times of the 20th Century

  • Advancement of U.S. Islamophobia

    The emergence of the terrorist threat had the tremendous impact on the popular attitudes to the Islamic religion. The brutal attack of the Islamic terrorists on the American soil in 2001 caused the outbursts of negative propaganda against the Muslim population. The USA responded to the pressing issue with the justified calls for retribution, excessive hostility and irrational hatred https://top-dissertations.com/buy-article-critique-online/

    The USA faced the threat of terrorism striving for justice. It was a natural reaction to the sight of destroyed buildings and thousands of casualties. According to the popular beliefs, the U.S. nation is “the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world”. As the most sacred attributes of the American power became a subject of the bald attack from the hateful terrorists, the Bush administration responded with immediate mobilization of the internal resources and promising appropriate retaliation. In his speech, the President George Bush announced his plans “to find those responsible and to bring them to justice” by means of the joint efforts of the military forces, intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The statement contains the strong call for the national unity and readiness for imposing the justified retributions on the assailants. The victims of the unexpected violence clearly expressed their intention of punishing the enemies of the democratic values that constitute the foundation of the American society.

    As the memory of the 2001 tragedy remained fresh in the minds of the U.S. citizens, the calls for justice soon turned into the open hostility. The means of virtual communication became a useful tool for dissemination of the anti-terrorist propaganda. While the Internet allowed reaching millions of users the U.S. nation was receiving a particular message, in which the activists promoted the idea of depriving the Muslim terrorists of the chance to commit an attack by flooding the users with the suggestions to use the armed force against the Islamic radicals. In one incident US soldiers prevented the terrorists from sacrificing their lives and expecting the reward in the afterlife according to their religious teachings by rubbing the American bullets with blood and fat of pigs. The strategy presupposed stripping the acts of suicide and warfare of the divine sacredness. Therefore, the armed retaliation was aimed at preventing the terrorists from becoming the martyrs in the eyes of their compatriots. Evidently, the U.S. attitudes to the Muslim terrorists shifted from the calls for justice to the overt animosity.

    While the U.S.-led war against terrorism raged, the frequent expressions of hostility caused the popularization of the anti-Muslim hatred. In other words, the attributes of the Islamic religion became the subjects of popular assaults. For instance, some claimed that using Quran during the swear-in ceremony of the first Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison instead of the Bible was “damaging to the fabric of American civilization”. The most enthusiastic opponents of Islam often made false accusations against the high-ranking officials. On one occasion, the U.S. President Barack Obama was accused of being a Muslim and prohibited from traveling to the Middle East countries with his wife because of the religious obstacles. The accusers went further by establishing and popularizing the anti-Muslim stereotypes. The anonymous author of the extremely provocative message wrote, “If you refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor.

    You might be a Muslim”. The examples demonstrate the rise of the immense wave of hatred towards the Islamic teachings. The popular animosity and calls for justice in combination with the hate propaganda indicate the depth of blind and often irrational hostility of the Americans towards the entire Muslim population.

    In conclusion, the U.S. citizens responded to the threat of terrorism by demanding the enforcement of the appropriate punishment against the violators of peace while frequently expressing their animosity and loathing towards the perpetrators. Evidently, the 9/11 attack was a life-altering event for the entire American nation. It caused the rise of the nationwide wave of religious intolerance against the Muslim communities.