Buy Vanilla Beans Grade A for Making Pure Homemade Vanilla Extr

  • It’s good to hear that you have decided to make homemade vanilla extract with the help of Grade A vanilla beans. You can buy Grade A beans of any variety- Tahitian or Madagascar Bourbon. Both are good choices for making pure vanilla extract. The reason is Grade A beans are juicy, plump, have high moisture content say 30% and have blemish-free appearance. Many chefs believe that it is the grade of beans that matters the most while making the extract. However, FDA has a different opinion. It believes it is the weight of the beans not the grade which matters the most.

    When you purchase high quality Grade A beans, you get 6-8 beans on an average in 1 oz. These much beans are ideal for making homemade extract. Now, let’s check out the recipe.

    Recipe of Vanilla Extract Made from Grade A Vanilla Beans

    1. Split 5-6 vanilla pods lengthwise. Make sure to leave the half of the inch from the top of the pod in as it is manner.
    2. Place the split beans in a jar or glass container and add alcohol. 12 ounces of rum or vodka is enough to add.
    3. Close the container tightly and place it in a cool and dark place. If you have poured the rum, store it for one month, and for four months in the case of vodka.
    4. Make it a standard practice to gently shake the mixture after every one week. The rule says longer you allow the mixture to soak; the better would be the vanilla flavor.

    You can even pour the brandy in vanilla beans but in this case, you need to keep aside the jar for a minimum of two-three months. Now, here is the surprise. Do not throw your scraped vanilla bean pods in the dustbin. You can still use the caviar of used Vanilla beans Grade A for making sweet powder to add in a tea or coffee.

    Thus, buying vanilla beans is an expensive proposition but they have multiple uses. You can prepare the vanilla extract and vanilla powder at home and enjoy its flavor and aroma for a long time.

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