Ex-stars of FC Bayern: Boateng, Martinez and the greatest possi

  • Manuel Peter Never (pronunciation in German:/ Manuel nɔʏɔʏɐ, -SL -/; Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, March 27, 1986) is a German footballer that plays as a goalkeeper and also his current team is the Bayern of Munich of the Bundesliga, First Soccer Department of Germany. He is additionally a global and captain of Germany s nationwide team. It is thought about one of the best goalkeepers in the background of Martínez celebrated, as well as for several taken into consideration the very best of perpetuity. [NB 1] Never is defined as the Sweeper-Keeper for his design of distinct play As well as speed when it pertains to getting out of the objective line to anticipate opponents, creating plays from goal. It is an absolute worldwide with the German nationwide group because 2009, in which it is the goalkeeper and with which he has played the Globe Mug in South Africa, the Euro 2012, the World Cup in Brazil 2016, the Euro cup 2016 and also the Russian Globe Cup 2018. It was Chosen by the IFF HS as a better goalkeeper in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and also 2020. In 2014, along with winning the 2014 World Mug, it was assigned Golden Glove of the Championship, and was additionally chosen at eleven Suitable of the Globe Brazil 2014. In 2016, after the Europa, it occurred to Bastian Schweinsteiger as captain of the chosen Teuton.

    Jérôme Boating and Java Martínez celebrated their greatest success in club football with FC Bayern. The Routinizes finally dared new adventures in the summer after the Treaties in Munich have not been extended. While in Lyon the football world seems to be understood, in Qatar finally seems the sun — different could not be the life of the two ex-Bayern stars.

    Jérôme Boating has a lot of talks of these days. In advance: With the hustle and bustle for his conviction because of intentional personal injury last September, this has nothing to do. The former professional of Bavaria is rather from a Martínez celebrateding point of view in the headlines.

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    First, the central defender from Olympic Lyon after the Herben 1: 4-Slip at State Rennes last match day the waves at his teammate and captain Leo Dubois smooth. His iridized outbreak during the game — at the stand of 0: 0 minded — was due to the emotions, so Boating after Amazon : We are competitors, and if the communication is not so good, there is inevitably a little Frustration, but that s also important if it is not so good.

    Fortunately, Dubois did not give up, praised the experienced World Champion of 2014 at Canal + : These are just small discussions in the field. He is a great player, we are both smart enough and know that it was important to the moment it was important Boating apologizes to the OF fans

    Finally, Boating still sends an apology to the OF fans. That s not the way we wanted to tackle the international room. We are very sorry for our fans, he wrote on Instagram.

    Boating had caught a raven-black day himself and was criticized after the press right after the press. The 33-year-old has played like a spirit, so the l equip, his spectacular scene was that, as he made Leo Dubois to the snail.

    However, according to Boating, the bad weather mood should be over after the conference break. Let us continue working, he gave himself highly motivated.

    About Martínez finally seems the sun

    From a bad mood his old companion Java Martínez is currently far away. Under the sun Qatar, the Spaniard leaves his successful career — in contrast to Boating, who is still represented with Lyon still in the Europa League and continued soft hopes for a DFB comeback.

    As David Alaba, Jerome Boateng and Javi Martinez their glittering careers with Bayern Munich Ends. The defensive specialist from the Basque Country dears the shoes for the Qatar SC — a middle-class club from the capital Doha, who has not played the title in the Stars League for a long time.

    Martínez is one of the few professionals that the league actually lend their gloss. In his new club he is the undisputed figurehead — and now even scorer.

    After the start for the 33-year-old belonged to the water and just a victory out of the first eight games jumped out, the ex-Münchner snapped his yellow-black kings last against Al Sailing to the 2: 1 victory. Already on the match day before Martínez had achieved his debtor in the new home, the Al Du hail Sc turned the game in his favor.

    The Alt star retired after the second season win promptly a video, which summarizes his best scenes in the New Jersey. Martínez shines here as a baller top, as a stripping puller and finally just as a clipper.

    Finally, the sun also seems for Martínez, good mood is announced. Also, this contrast to Boating could not be greater at present.

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