Mass Effect 5: Während N7 Day

  • After a long time of the wireless silence, there is now a new sign of the role-playing Mass Effect 5 after the series was most recently mainly because of the releases of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition into the headlines. Last Sunday, this year s N7 Day took place. This is a kind of unofficial holiday for the Mass Effect Community. Bioware has taken the occasion to show a new picture from the role-playing game.

    New information about Mass Effect 5?

    It is an artwork that shows a bird s eye view scene. A four-headed group rises from a shuttle and seems to move on a huge crater. This reminiscent of a head of Get in the approach. Before the crater is another figure, which is not more accurate.

    Also interesting: Is this actor in Mass Effect 5 with it?

    Although this applies in principle to the entire group. However, some fans believe that the image has increased several times to recognize a brogan in the ranks of the four-person team. However, it could also be the representative of another alien people with similar body proportions.

    N7 Day 2021. Mass Effect 4: The Death of N7...

    When does Mass Effect 5 appear?

    Unfortunately, in the context of the N7 Day there were no further details about the next Mass Effect. Bioware only reaffirmed that the role-playing saga is definitely continued, but there is no new information about content, story or even a release date. Only recently came the rumor that the publication might even have to wait until the year 2025. Likewise, Mass Effect 5 should link the Shepard Trilogy with Mass Effect Andromeda.

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