Then the Super League will come

  • We need your own identity as a Bundesliga, must be for some things. With that we can pick up people, because it s about the perspective in Germany, said Azzouzi, Sports Managing Director of the SPV GG Reuther Fürth, in a threesome interview with Hoffmann And Nazi who arranged the Hoffmann. The occasion was the recently launched debate on an alleged delay of the Bundesliga, which feel all three as densely.

    We need his own identity as a Bundesliga, must be for some things. This allows us to pick up people, because it s about the viewing angle in Germany.

    Rashid Azzouzi

    To strong focus on marketing and money

    Rather, Hoffmann warns of further increasing focus on marketing and money. Otherwise, the Board and club chairman of Mainz 05 fears and apart from the German Beverage: If we do not get the economic base under control and the scissors continue to go further away. Then the consequence could be that two, three clubs from the national league could go out What we do not wish. We are very happy to play against Bavaria or Dortmund. For the long-standing sporting director of the junior power center of the Chanhassen is clear: At some point it will probably regulate the market. Then the Super League will come, and then the clubs that want to play along.

    Games like Bayern against Bochum no longer needs it, a balanced competition would be more beautiful.


    Ilia Koenig

    In the same score, Nazi beats. The spokesman for the management of VFL Bochum assumes that the financial fair play rules at some point fall and then the, for which it is not a problem, in a separate league. It works beyond that. Games like Bavaria against Bochum It does not need it anymore, a balanced competition would be more beautiful.

    Ilia Kenzie, Rashid Azzouzi and Stefan Hoffmann with the Hoffmann reporters Michael Ebert (Li.), Them Müller (3. v. Li.) And Benny Hoffmann. Jan Hefner

    That s exactly where both Nazi and Hoffmann and Azzouzi have a great opportunity — namely the option without gigantism, without three-digit million. At some point, the question will ask if Germany participates in this global circus or goes his own way, Nazi believes.

    MEB, BH, TM

    Like Azzouzi, Hoffmann and Nazi concretely think about the tendering debate, which impulse they wish for the media money distribution of the league and why they confidently refer to the preservation of 50 + 1 in the detailed interview in the Monday edition of the Hoffmann or already on Sunday evening in the magazine.

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