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  • Nowadays, the independent core is high to be incredible, there are many excellent works every month, this time I want to share the Metal Subscript (temporary, Metallic Child) of everyone.

    This is made by the Korean Independent Development Team Studio HG, which is officially released on September 16, 2021, which can be played on the PC / NINTENDO SWITCH platform.

    When the core was open to the beginning of 2018, it was very expected because of the very bright art style, after three years of time finally waited until it was sold. What kind of core is this, is it playing with the expectations of players?

    Before reading the article, it is better to look at the promotional PV created by the production team to invite the animation company Trigger (representative: Kill La Kill, etc.). Feel the blood atmosphere!

    萝莉 robot cute eat broadcast to save the earth

    The Metal Sub is the overall factor of combat types in combat, for saving the earth. (Error)

    The story of the core occurs in space experiment facilities that are not far from the earth. This experiment center is a pioneer of AI research and development. It has undergone a large-scale robot rebellion due to unknown reasons. The facilities will fall and impact the earth, causing catastrophe. The main character Lona, which is equipped with emotional core , is also damaged in this incident, can t move freely, and can only send a rescue signal to the Earth.

    Players on the earth misconduct and received the rescue signal through the core, resolutely taken the remote operation of Lona body, and work together to launch the rebellion Ai and prevent the facilities to fall, and take behind the behind-the-scenes. trip.

    As for why it is ever playing ... This is a very big relationship with the core mechanism of the core (introduced later).

    Basic core Process and Rogue-Lite Elements

    The core process of Metal Sub is very simple, only two base and level two scenes. We will first adjust the equipment, upgrade the body, get information, then go to the Raiders level, obtain the resource brought back to the base, repeated until all levels of arrival are completed.

    The coreplay method is a clear version of the world s core, which is free to choose one of the Raiders. Most levels are randomly generated 4-storey labyrinth. Players must break through the deepest place to the maze, challenge the charming BOSS, knocking them can capture BOSS capabilities, and use it in the level ... Yes, everyone is familiar Lock routine.

    But but only only the road is similar, the core method is still not the same as Lock . The biggest difference is that the core fuses the Rogue-Lite play, equipped with many random elements, such as the following:

    流 的 」全 全 美, fighting

    I think this is the biggest advantage, and it is not a battle.

    The operation of the battle is basically in the same way, and it is roughly to catch the time to attack, dodge, defense and return. The biggest features are more than grab & throws . Players can hold the enemy and freely decide to smash the wall or enemies. In addition to pulling the safe distance, it can cause a lot of damage.

    This grabbing looks very common, but let the battle add a lot of fun. Continuously push back the weapon skills, and finally come to a grabbing (where to judge where to do it), let the throwing continuous movements, it is really enjoyable.

    It is because of the smoothness of fighting (all parties of the enemy), so most of the core difficulty is to build an immediate response to the player. Usually, the enemy is a group, often distinguished to the melee mix, how to shuttle the enemy to kill the rear, and be careful about the traps on the map, you have to grasp the time counterattack, although it will feel difficult, But it is fun after it is.

    There are three major types of weapons that can be equipped. They are the boxing of the high attack speed. The big hammer with strong destructive power and the Jian Shield with defensive ability, but I think the weapon balance of the current core is not too much. good.

    The relatively strange speed fast boxing sleeve and the sword shield of the king, the big hammer is slow, the attack speed is slow, plus the core s battle is quite fast, so in the face of a lot of enemies is not very fragrant, destructive advantage It is also because it is not very prominent because of the grasping system, and it is currently a weapon of weapons.

    The core mechanism of the core

    The most important mechanism running throughout each core is core . Since Lona strengthens its own body through the core of the enemy (really open to eat, super cute), so it seems that it looks like eat .

    The core can be further divided into two types of mini core and super core .

    Mini core is not precious resources, knocking down the enemy, opening the treasure chest will appear, so there will be frequently replacing the core during the player core. The mini core is mostly equipped with three, and the core link system will be launched when it is full, and the weapon skills are greatly enhanced. The core ability is very diverse, in addition to the strengthening attack power , defense does not consume power , etc., there is also a viral core that has a negative effect.

    Some of the core of virus is really troubled, like reducing running speed , temporarily unwinding skills . But there are also some very interesting negative states, such as Two times the head of Lonna.

    The core of the virus is an important mechanism that players must face. Whenever the virus core is dead or removed by means, the player will get important props bug file , and can create powerful super core .

    Super cores and mini cores are different, as long as the core energy will be automatically generated, and the effect will continue to be completed until the level is completed. You can equip more than 10 super cores in a core. Every time you build, you will make the player four choices. Usually strong super cores can consume Bug file to install, so actively collecting virus cores is also one of the main points of Raiders. .

    Smart, you should discover, how to match the core skills to create a perfect building, is an important key to this core clearance.

    Give me more robots! Colorful art, music and level design

    Metal son another special feature, I think it is that I am like a visual design!

    If you like the Lock style (especially Zero Series), you should also like this. Every BOSS in the core is full of consciousness, combining the combat method with the body design, with the speech and Raiders mechanism, and it feels really great.

    In addition to eight big BOSS, there are special Bonus levels, providing a distinctive play feeling. I personally even prefer Bonus level, and I have played a few times, I really feel very good and very fragrant.

    Inadvertently, this work also inherits another feature of the Lock series, each of which has its own BGM. Although most of the fast-paced EDM is mainly, there is no shortage of excellent songs. The core is listed, but it is so unfortunately.

    游戏 游戏

    Just I think this work is very clear, but after playing for a while, the shortcomings are also a lot.

    First, the core art is great, but the repetitiveness of the map element is too high, the visual effect is a bit too much. In order to show the atmosphere of the robot world, both roles, scenes, special effects, backgrounds, all aspects have used a lot of high-brightness light sources, special effects are very amazing, just one but entering an urgent battle, such a large number of trends or How many will interfere with the judgment of the battlefield.

    Second, the core s level difficulty curve design is not too good. Just entering the level, because there is no core and weapon equipment, it is very difficult, it is easy to suffer setbacks until the core and high-order weapons, the difficulty begins, sometimes it will become too simple, the last BOSS The battle is challenging, and the heart is really not very good to the old player s heart.

    After the core is broken, you can still continue to play, let the players continue to challenge the level and collect the elements. However, in the late content, I personally think it is still less insufficient. After all, there are only three kinds of weapons, and the core is not necessarily the favorite, and the farm chip (the resource of the base) will feel easy to feel the sense of work.

    Finally, the plot of the core is really too king. In addition to going to the guess, it is also very fascinated by all the anime system that is all in the heart. But look at the character design of fragrant, and very interesting in combat elements, the plot is still not too demanding.


    Metal Sub is a very fun Rogue-Lite action core, super fragrant art design, smooth and bloody strip-to-fight coreplay, and featured core systems are very interesting. The Rogue type core is easy to refund because of difficulty, this is very intimately designed, so that the action works to challenge your players can find fun in the core.

    Although there is still a weak plot, the difficulty curve is not controlled, the Endcore is insufficient, but the price of the steam 300 outs, but can exchange more than ten hours of high-quality action core experience, I think it is still very worth it. If you want to find a robotic action similar to the Lock , there is a good incense Luoli Miyu s big risk is waiting for you, why not tried to see?

    At present, there is also a demo version on Steam. You can download the knife first before buying, and feel the cute charm of Lona.

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