A flock of fleet restrooms in the virtual world

  • A turn-based boarding game and a semifice ranging from the medieval fort Triumph especially in their colorful style and intelligent struggle.

    Dear home-based. There is a lot of investigation in the environment that my first group is

    going to look at.

    jipii, we have a kingdom

    The adventure begins with the clouds covered with a continent that rises in all his commanding a large castle - a player's own base. The main environment in Pilvistöson's protection offers adventures, battles, light bulb and recruiting heroes. The first impression of sight is like a decorative board game. As a small surprise, I learned that the turnover also covers the fighting in the open world, so accidentally gave the smoothing to the computer by five times. Turn when ends with the center button shedding. However, I did not start the game from the beginning, since every time the cashier in the cabin is ranked by the tax revenue of their own kingdom. Accurate funds invited to buy a lot of heroes on the roster, which are a comfortable different range.

    The kingdom covered by the clouds opens the piece from the palette as the main character of your fort is moving through the current operating points. This figure dressed in the robe only works as a symbol, as the chosen heroes travel invisible with him. The same convenient system also applies to enemies, so that you can not in advance know the opposite strength before the struggle - only the enemy types are told. However, the above stars above the enemy force gives indications of the opponent's strength. Sometimes the artificial intelligence will notify before the furry of your teams are superior to the opponent's opposition to the fight that may be skipped completely. In this case, only the catches and the number of experience points are reported. Needless, it is clear that a turn-based and tactical battle style as a friend select one except for a genuine situation.

    As shown in the picture, we do not always need to use weapons!

    clumsy selection and smooth fight

    One thing could have been done better, namely, better tutorials for the use of menus. Especially during the first few hours, I was constantly bumped to different constraints when things were not properly explained. There are certainly programmed many shortcuts, but the player must actually learn them. For example, no such thing is explained how the heroes are removed from the created groups if you would like to form a different kind of passenger. In your own base, the operation will take the time before the smoothness of things. As a Recommendation, the game control menus should be properly supported because there are many important settings. The most important belonging to strengthening your own turn and the persistence of their own passengers.

    On the battlefield, Meininki is then quite another class. Controlling characters is easy, the Points will be clearly visible, and different functions to attacks may be selected effortlessly. One word of warning is in place: English must be able to understand that you understand the functions of different skills. Before the prosperity, you may want to go through the basic functions to teach the tutorial, which should try everything possible. Getting colds is almost the same as the retriever visit to your own team, as artificial intelligence works as another easiest at the Normal level quite intelligently. A nice variation can also be obtained with the randomness of the battlefield structure, based on the terrain around.

    Each level may choose one randomly selective ability to their character.

    The Developer Is Prove up

    As the adventure progresses, enjoy the development of your own base and the enemy interest points opened behind the sprayers will be better raised. The focus is still in sabbling between the different kingdoms, although sometimes finds, for example, treasure chests or other characters that stall their own stuff. At the first game, I liked the deaths of their own characters to be permanent, but there is a nerve in your way to burn once when I lost two experienced characters in the same battle. The deceased's army joined the most powerful debt and my best springs.

    The game can be saved because you want, but during the battles, intermediate recordings do not work. Because of the lost warriors, the look will turn occasionally into the recruitment string, which can be found in Kelpo Law. There is a sword on a swinging barbarian, a fast-moving four-legged extract, bloodthirsty mutant and a variety of support troops, such as wizards. The multifaceted formation of the groups is at its best than the darkest Dungeon game, even though it is a very different type of experience despite its turn-based struggle.

    The enemies have firmly grouped behind the shields, so hitting is an awkward knife.

    The most convenient way is to overthrow the tree sheltered with an incrymable enemy's neck or thrust something

    Roina on the gutter! Or then would I delete an opponent's game with a paralysis

    or a whirlwind?

    A valid snack

    When routines become familiar and their own kingdom expands, then the game had to come back more often. The world's hidden secrets encouraged research tourism, and the home side's group completed its own research tourism with its experience. The only annoyance is the shortness of the game, as the campaign's trout through about 7-8 hours, even though I used a reasonable time to investigate the world. However, it is a reasonable number of hours in the indie player, and can always be challenged at more difficult levels.

    In addition to the main story, fort Triumph also includes a Skirismoh battle where four players can challenge each other with the same couch. If desired, you can also put the artificial alance assistants, with eight different kingdoms in the world. The network's multiplayer game is not surprisingly involved at all. The price of the game is not spoiled because the PS Store price tag looks like a reading of 19.95 €. As a whole, this was a nice snack, and four stars are a relevant grade.

    This situation got to surprise signed. A small hit shove the enemy so

    that this was drifting into the sight of the sprouts in the troops and multiply

    of the injury. In addition, the Violean flew to the wall, so it became injured.

    Creativity is a power, it became learned here.