China Nut Introduction

  • The so-called open-hole China Nut is also a hole in the screw portion or head of the bolt, which is a relatively special bolt, which typically requires the use of nuts and a flat washer for use, mainly for large mechanical equipment, bridge arch structure, Construction engineering and other places. What is the effect on the bolt after the heat treatment?

    After the opening bolt is hardened, it can improve its mechanical properties, thereby satisfying the tensile strength than a predetermined value.

    The heat treatment process has a great influence on increasing the internal quality of the opening bolts. In order to produce high strength, high-quality bolts, bolt manufacturers should have heat treatment technology and equipment. In particular, those enterprises that produce bolts, their heat treatment equipment should meet production capacity, and heat treatment hot spare requirements have a high degree of automation.

    Open bolts are cleaned, heat, quench, cleaning, tempering, decolorization, and coloring, etc., can provide a good foundation for heat treatment, because the bolts will be removed in the production work, decarburization can lead to mechanical properties Falling, unable to meet the needs of fastening, and even shorten the life of the use, therefore the annealing is not properly, can cause the raw material demarcal carbon layer to deepen, in order to avoid this, in the process of manipulation and tempering heat treatment, you need to add some Some oxidant gases.

    Bolt Factory's processing process specification through reasonable setting of heat treatment, so that the performance of the opening bolts can be enhanced, increasing its service life.