China Nut Features Introduction

  •  The difference between high-strength nuts and ordinary nuts is still very big. Let us tell you below

    Ordinary hexagon nuts have three shortcomings in China Nut support technology:

       (1) When an ordinary nut is equipped with a grade steel bar, the maximum failure stress of the nut's internal thread is less than 70% of the steel bar. The first failure of the internal thread of the nut leads to a waste of rod material and an increase in unsafe factors.

       (2) If ordinary nuts are used, a step of removing the nuts will be added when installing the bolts, resulting in prolonged working time and reduced working efficiency.

        (3) When ordinary nuts vibrate and vibrate underground, sometimes the steel wire will retract, causing the anchoring force of the anchor rod to decrease and accelerating the deformation of the roof.

    Features of high-strength nuts:

        (1) Easy to install; integrity. No washing machine is required; easy to disassemble; reusable medium carbon steel is used for manufacturing materials. The connection structure is simple, the mechanical performance is good, it is detachable, anti-fatigue, and does not loosen under dynamic load. This is a very promising connection method.

        (2) Bolt Factory's high-strength nuts are used to tighten special wrench nuts, so that the bolts generate huge controllable pre-tightening force through the nut and buffer plate, and apply the same pre-tightening force to the joint. Under the action of pre-pressure, there will be more friction along the connector surface. Obviously, as long as the axial force is less than the frictional force, the parts will not slide and the connection will not be damaged. This is the principle of high-strength nut connection.


          High-strength nuts are steel for fasteners, produced by cold heading process, with high interchangeability. Since it is formed by metal plastic processing at room temperature, the deformation of each part is large and the deformation speed is fast. Therefore, the performance requirements of high-strength nut raw materials are very strict. Buy high-strength nuts for professional manufacturers. Our products are rich and of high quality, which is a reliable and good product.