Hexagon Socket Head Bolt Prevents Rust

  •    The surface coating of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt and other fasteners is generally cold-galvanized. After more than 1 year of use, signs of rust will appear. Once rusted, it will not only affect the appearance, but also affect its performance. The use of this product has a great impact, so China Stud Supplier introduces the following situations in use to prevent rust.

      First of all, let the surface of the U-bolt dry as much as possible, so that many things can be avoided.
    1. The attachment of dust or heterogeneous metal particles, in the humid air, the attachment and the condensed water of the stainless steel screw, connect the two into a micro battery, which triggers an electrochemical reaction, and the protective film is destroyed, which is called electricity. Chemical corrosion.
      2. Organic juice adheres to the surface of the stainless steel U-bolt. In the presence of water and oxygen, it forms organic acid, which will corrode the metal surface for a long time.
      3. The surface of the stainless steel U-bolt is rich in acid, alkali, and salt, causing local corrosion.
      4. In polluted air (such as the atmosphere rich in a large amount of sulfide, carbon oxide, and nitrogen oxide), when it encounters condensed water, it will form sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and acetic acid liquid spots, causing chemical corrosion.
      Hexagon Socket Head Bolt should avoid these situations when they are in use. Regular inspection and maintenance of these parts can reduce the corrosion of parts, which is also of great help to the production and development of enterprises.