The Quality Problems Of Bolt Factory

  • With the rapid development of industry, the application of combined screws has become very extensive. Then, when customizing combination screws, occasionally a combination screw of poor quality will be ordered. However, there are generally several cases of quality problems with Bolt Factory's combination screws:

    One is that there is a problem with the wire when producing the combined screw. As a result, the screws produced will have headshot problems. If the mark on the head of the screw is very shallow, we can still use it. But when the marks are deep and too many, it will not only affect the appearance, but also become unusable. Or the diameter of the wire used is too large or too small. In most cases, the diameter of the thread produced will be too large or too small, resulting in failure to assemble.

    The second is that when the machine is adjusted, it is not adjusted well, or the mold used is defective, and the screws produced will also have problems.

    Three is the design of the combination screw. Sometimes the head is too big, the screw groove is deep, and the customer is unwilling to add a R angle under the screw head. This kind of screw is difficult to make during production, and the screw will break if you are not careful. , Even if it is produced, the customer will easily break when using it. There are many reasons for China Nut's quality problems, but here are just a few.