How To Install Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts

  • To connect two separate steel structural components together, there must be a medium in between. Bolts are this medium. There are many types of bolts. According to the size of the bearing capacity, they can be divided into ordinary bolts and high-strength bolts. Hexagon Flange Bolt is a well-known kind of bolts, but it cannot be used casually. Today I will introduce to you what are the precautions for installation in steel structure components.

       1. For dynamic load or hexagonal bolts installed in important parts, spring washers should be added according to the design requirements. Spring washers should not be placed randomly, and should be placed on the side of the nut.

       2. When installing high-strength hexagonal bolts. The bolt should be able to penetrate into the gap freely and unimpededly. If the size and position of the hole are not suitable, do not force it through. If you find that the hole diameter is smaller than the bolt diameter, you need to use an electric drill to make the hole larger.

      3. According to the connection method, high-strength hexagon bolts can be roughly divided into three categories, namely friction connection, tension connection and pressure connection. At present, friction connection is used in most occasions.

      4. Hexagon bolts have their own installation sequence. When installing, it should be gradually pushed from the rigid part to the unconstrained free end. From the initial screwing to the re-tightening to the final screwing, it should be tightened one by one according to the sequence after expanding from the middle to the four sides. After each screwing, you can sit on the mark, so as to avoid the phenomenon of leak-proof screwing. The bolts of the same part should be installed within one day,

       It can be seen that the installation of Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts is not so simple. No matter how to install any bolts, you should strictly abide by the installation process.