Bolt Factory Raw Material Efficacy

  • China Nut is used for fixed connection of mechanical equipment. Both sides of high-toughness stud bolts have external threads. The extruder screw in the middle is thick and thin, sometimes called double-headed screws. . High-toughness stud bolts are mainly used for mining equipment, highway bridges, vehicles, motorcycles, heating furnace steel frame structures, suspension towers, large-span steel frame structures and large and medium-sized engineering buildings.


      The classification method and actual classification of high tenacity stud bolts and main purpose:


      A. According to the bearing capacity method of screw connection, it is divided into general and reamed hole. The general key bearing axial bearing capacity can also be installed with a lateral bearing capacity that is not too high. The anchor bolts used for reaming holes should be matched with the specifications of the holes and used when they are subjected to lateral force;


      B. According to the top of the head, there are hexagonal heads, round heads, square heads, countersunk heads, and stud bolts. Among them, the hexagonal head is the most common. Generally, the countersunk head is used in the area where the surface layer is smooth and no bulge after the anchor bolt is connected, because the countersunk head can be screwed into the part. The round mouth can also be screwed into the part. The tightening force of the square head can be larger, but the specifications are very large;


      C. In addition, there are unique uses: TV-slot anchor bolts. The machine chuck has the largest number of places. It has a unique look. Both sides of the top of the head should be cut off. Anchor bolts are used to connect equipment and road surface to fix them, and there are many kinds of them. U-shaped bolt;


      D, Bolt Factory wholesale high-toughness studs and anchor bolts also have special nuts for electric welding. One end has an external thread and the other is not, which can be welded to the part, and the other side is immediately screwed on the nut.