What Should I Do If The Hexagon Socket Head Bolt Is Rusted?

  • What should I do if I meet the rusty Hexagon Socket Head Bolt in my life and urgently need to deal with it? The rusted screws are prone to lock up. How to deal with this situation?

    1. Rusty bolts are very distressing for us, because it is not easy to remove, so how to solve it? The first thing that comes to mind is knocking. By knocking with a tool, the rust on the rusty part of the bolt can be shaken away. Gently hit the wrench with a hammer to make the bolt produce the effect of vibration in the gap, so that the bolt will relax.
    2. After repeated tapping, use a wrench to twist a few more times. If you can't twist it, tap it gently. After a few repetitions, the rust will fall off and loosen a lot. At this time, the nut will be easily removed.
    3. The role of lubricating fluid, rusting occurs because the lubrication effect is not achieved. You can put a few drops of lubricating oil on the rusted nut, and then use the gas welding oxidizing flame to make the screw burn. This is In order to accelerate the way the bolt absorbs the oil, it will be easy to take out after it is cold, because in the principle of letting the tension shrink, the screw after cooling will have the effect of shrinking, and then it will be very convenient to screw it again. Nowadays, there are plastics and other items that are not suitable for this kind of method.
    4. In the case of rust on the top of some bolts, the screws that cannot be removed can be removed with the help of other tools. First hit with a hammer, and then use a wrench and awl to loosen the bolts.
    5. China Stud Supplier There is also a special case of bolts that are very difficult to handle. This kind of bolts are not easy to take out. They can be taken out by welding. The bolts can be welded at the place where the wire is broken, and then pass through the cross section. take out.