Moisture-proof Method Of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt

  •     If the iron high-precision bolts and studs are wetted, or drenched in liquid, or are re-moisturized, etc., they are very likely to rust. So how to solve the Hexagon Socket Head Bolt? Here is a brief introduction to the method:

        (1) As far as possible, use active solvent paint for vibrating machinery.

        (2) Use prepreg without air oxidation, such as epoxy-urethane-based or Epoxy-based prepreg.

        (3) When applying melanoic acid prepreg paint, the drying temperature and drying time should be adjusted. The drying temperature should be slightly higher than 130℃ (such as 135℃) and the drying time should be strict Comply with the processing technology, especially in the high temperature, humid and cold season, the vibrating screen, from the awareness of anti-rust treatment, the paint drying (drying) time required in the paint factory's template is not necessarily sufficient, and the motor has practical The essence of it.

        (4) Choose fiberboard nails without volatile acid paint.

        (5) China Stud Supplier selects paint with good hydrolysis resistance.