China Stud Supplier Introduces The Difference Between Bolts

  •   Question: The company wants me to purchase a batch of hexagonal bolts. I don't know what is the difference between inner hexagonal bolts and outer hexagonal bolts?

      Answer: Weigao China Stud Supplier is an enterprise specializing in the production of high-strength bolts and nuts. Recently, many netizens have called to inquire about the difference between the inner hexagon bolt and the outer hexagon bolt. In order to let everyone better distinguish the difference between the two, we will give an introduction.

    1. Compared with the outer hexagon bolts, the installation space of the hexagon socket bolts is much smaller. During the installation process, the hexagon socket bolts can be installed in a relatively deep part, so there is no need to spend a lot of space. For hexagonal bolts, the installation space occupied by this will be larger.

      2. The hardness of the two is different. Generally speaking, the hardness of the inner hexagon bolt is higher than that of the outer hexagon.

      3. The head of the hexagon socket bolt can sink into the part when it is installed, so it does not need to be exposed to the outside, not only does not affect other parts, but also makes the connection more beautiful.

      4. The use environment requirements of the two are different. Generally speaking, hexagon socket bolts are more suitable for those who need frequent disassembly and limited space.

       In addition, there is a big difference between the two installation methods. The outer hexagon bolts generally use radial rotation when installing, and the inner Hexagon Socket Head Bolt usually uses axial rotation.