Introduction Of China Stud Supplier Bolt Application

  • China Stud Supplier's anchor bolts are heavy-duty fasteners used in various construction projects, such as connecting wood frames to concrete walls, anchoring shear walls, wall panels and other heavy construction projects. The anchor bolt has a threaded end that allows nuts or washers to be inserted into the end to fix the wall formwork and other building parts into the concrete slab foundation.
    Depending on the manufacturer, there are many types of anchor bolts, such as anchor bolts whose ends are bent into a hook shape. However, the most common type of anchor bolts are cast-in-place anchor bolts. The hexagon head bolt ends of cast-in-place anchor bolts are cast into wet concrete.

    Here are the materials you need and the steps on how to pour anchor bolts in concrete.
      Step 1-Prepare the concrete form
      Before installing the anchor bolts, please prepare the concrete formwork. Concrete formwork is a plank or steel plate used to hold concrete together during hardening and curing.
      Step 2: Mark the concrete bolt position
       Use a tape measure and pencil to mark the location of the anchor bolts in the concrete form. This mark will serve as a guide for placing the anchor bolt bracket. You need to mark the location of your anchor bolts correctly, because it is difficult to move the anchor bolts when they have been placed on dry and cured concrete.
      Step 3-Install the anchor bolt bracket
      In step 2, nail the anchor bolt holder directly to the top of the guide mark. Placing the anchor bolt holder on the guide mark will ensure that the anchor bolt holder is in the correct position where the anchor bolt will be inserted. In addition to serving as a positioning guide, the anchor bolt bracket also helps to keep the threads of the anchor bolts clean, prevent concrete splashing, and prevent thread damage.
      Step 4: Install the anchor bolts
       Use a wrench to screw the anchor bolt into the anchor bolt holder. The anchor bolts are provided with guide marks, which can be used to position the anchor bolts at an appropriate height. Screw in anchor bolts of required height and depth.
      Step 5: Pour concrete
       Slowly pour the concrete into the concrete form. Make the poured concrete flow onto the anchor bolts and stop pouring when it reaches the correct height relative to the concrete form
      Step 6-Allow the concrete to dry
      Before removing the Hexagon Socket Head Bolt holder, please dry the concrete first to ensure that the anchor bolts are not knocked down in place. The concrete bolt bracket can be removed by unscrewing the cover of the concrete bolt. The drying and curing time of concrete depends on the type of concrete mixture you are using.
      Step 7-Delete specific forms
      For wooden concrete formwork, please use a hammer, for steel plate concrete formwork, please use a heavy-duty wrench to remove the concrete formwork.