China Stud Supplier Products Solve Problems

  • Hexagon Socket Head Bolt may seem inconspicuous, but in fact it has a great effect. Compared with ordinary nuts, there is a ring of special engineering plastic inside the thread of the lock nut. It can be attached to the thread to make the internal and external threads of the nut squeeze the engineering plastic during the tightening process, thereby producing a stronger The reaction force, in this way, can greatly enhance the friction between the internal and external threads, thereby providing a great resistance to vibration. The general nut anti-retraction friction is related to the tightening pressure between the internal and external threads. What it relies on is actually the friction generated by the pressure coming after the screw is tightened, so as to prevent the return, but when the screw is slightly loose When the pressure is reduced, the anti-returning effect will be quickly lost. The locknut of China Stud Supplier fully solves this problem and has a strong anti-loose ability.