Use Of Bolt Factory

  • China Nut is a groove machined on the top of an ordinary hex nut (referring to the six sides of the nut), and each of the six sides has a groove. China Nut is used in conjunction with bolts with holes and split pins to prevent the bolts with holes from rotating relative to the China Nut.

    The purpose of China Nut is to fix the front and rear axles of the vehicle by tightening the screws on the front and rear axles, thereby fixing the frame and tires together. To fix the China Nut, the split pin must pass through the middle of the axle screw. Usually, it is necessary to drill the axle screws at both ends. The diameter of the hole and the groove width and depth of the China Nut In order to select the specifications of the cotter pin, when the selected wheel axle screw and cotter pin are more compatible with the China Nut, the nut will pass the front wheel fixing frame through the axle screw and the cotter pin. Hole fasteners for the axle screws. Hold the China Nut so that it will not loosen even when the vehicle is driving. China Nut does not have a unified national standard. They are usually used in the cabinet and sheet metal industries. The thickness of the hex nut is relatively thick, and is usually used in occasions where assembly and disassembly are often required. The thickness of the hexagonal nut is thin, and it is mainly used in occasions where the surface space of the connecting parts is limited. It is also often used as a lock nut to prevent the main nut from loosening. Hexagon socket nuts are specially designed for use with bolts with holes at the end of the screws. Therefore, split pins can be inserted into the holes of the screws from the grooves of the nuts to prevent the nuts from loosening automatically. It is mainly used for vibration load or alternating load occasions.

    Bolt Factory's China Nut is now used in many industries. Today, with the development of technology, the performance of products has been greatly improved. At present, many manufacturers produce this product. In order to make it more convenient for users to use, they need to read the relevant instructions before use.