Introduction Of China Stud Supplier High Temperature Oxidation

  •       China Stud Supplier introduced that the wet oxidation reaction carried out under high temperature and high pressure can be divided into two stages, which are controlled by the mass transfer of oxygen and controlled by the reaction kinetics, and temperature is the key influencing factor of the whole WAO process. The higher the temperature, the faster the chemical reaction rate, and the increase in temperature can also increase the oxygen mass transfer rate and reduce the viscosity of the liquid. The main function of pressure is to ensure the liquid phase reaction and keep the partial pressure of oxygen within a certain range to ensure a higher dissolved oxygen concentration in the liquid phase.
          After quenching, it is slightly oxidized and the surface is black, but there is no oxide scale. When the mesh belt furnace is used for mass production of fasteners, especially water-based media, the head or the whole blue and black oxidation phenomenon often occurs. This is because the workpiece generates a large amount of water vapor during the process of infiltration of water from the blanking material, and the surface oxidation of the workpiece intensified under the high temperature and high humidity oxidizing atmosphere.
    (1) Increase the water pressure of the water seal and try to avoid water vapor entering the furnace body;
    (2) Clean the filter;
    (3) Lower the level of the tank liquid;
    (4) Strengthen stirring. Increase the cooling rate.
    (5) Methanol contains excessive water content, replace qualified products
          Severe oxidation after quenching. There is oxide scale peeling off Hexagon Socket Head Bolt oxidation is serious after quenching, and even oxide scale peeling off, it can basically be determined that it is caused by the heating atmosphere.
    (1) The carrier gas (methanol) is used up, resulting in no atmosphere protection in the furnace;
    (2) The furnace body is leaking, and quickly check the air tightness;
    (3) The methanol water content exceeds the standard seriously, replace qualified products.