Introduction To The Use Of Hexagon Flange Bolt

  • Hexagon Flange Bolt is a very common and commonly used screw in daily life. When the Hexagon Flange Bolt is screwed into the hole on the plastic metal material, the internal thread can be formed in the hole by the effect of extrusion. This is the secret of self-tapping screw and self-drilling. Among them, a special Hexagon Flange Bolt used for threading metal holes is called a wire tap.

    In the use of Hexagon Flange Bolt, many people may face the lack of some tools, or do not know what tool should be used to screw the Hexagon Flange Bolt, this article briefly introduces how to enter the Hexagon Flange Bolt.

    In fact, Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts can be driven in with a pneumatic screwdriver, a screwdriver, a gun drill, and an electric hammer. Generally, an electric hammer is needed to drive into the concrete. Concrete walls with a label above C10 cannot be nailed with ordinary nails. If the load-bearing capacity is not high, you can use cement steel nails directly; if the load-bearing requirement is high, you need to use expansion screws, or ordinary plastic expansion pipes and screw models to fix.