Correction Of China Stud Supplier Products

  • T-bolts can be directly inserted into the aluminum profile groove. It can be automatically positioned and locked during installation. It is usually used with flange nuts. When the angle is installed, it is a standard matching connector. It can be selected and used according to the width of the contour groove and different series of contours. T-bolts are movable anchor bolts. So, what should you pay attention to when installing T-bolts? Below weigao Industrial Bolt Factory will take you to find out.


    1. Before installing the direct-buried bolts, you must be familiar with the drawings and understand the geometric dimensions, position and height of each bolt and bolt frame. Before construction, put each bolt and bolt frame in place at each construction position, and verify that the number and geometric dimensions of a batch of parts are consistent with the drawings.
    2. Designate a person to be responsible for listing and checking the construction quality, size, elevation and axis position of the bolt frame installation.
    3. During the construction process, first of all, the field welding of the bolt frame should have higher standards and strict requirements. For welding requirements, the integrity of the weld must be checked and accepted according to the acceptance specification. In terms of controlling the geometric size between each bolt, the reinforcement must be welded and fixed to ensure that it is not easy to move when the concrete is poured.
    4. After fixing each bolt, use the instrument to combine its elevation dimension to make it correct. After the bolts are all fixed in place, use bolt sleeves or tape to protect each bolt thread.
    5. When pouring and tamping concrete, do not cut the pump tube directly above the bolt. Avoid the use of bolts and bolted frames. After pouring the concrete, the geometric size, axis position and height of the bolts should be checked again. If China Stud Supplier finds any displacement, it should be corrected in time to prevent the equipment from being unable to be installed in the future.